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Fritz Land Surveying, LLC, has a reputation for survey excellence, attention to detail, and responsiveness to clients needs. Although based out of Tulsa, Fritz Land Surveying, LLC has the ability to cover the entire state of Oklahoma. Our clients range from individual land, and home owners, to architects, engineers, and real-estate brokers. We can accommodate fast paced, short notice projects, or any other demands the client may have.

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Our expertise lies in the following surveys:

  • Preliminary Survey - The collection of survey data on which to base studies on a proposed project or a proposed final survey.
  • Boundary and Stake Survey - A survey performed to establish or re-establish a boundary line on the ground or to obtain data for constructing a map or plat showing a boundary line.
  • American Land and Title Association (ALTA) Title Survey - A survey of real property, including the plat of survey, acceptable to a title insurance company for purposes of insuring title to said real property, free and clear of survey questions, except those questions disclosed by the survey and indicated on the plat.
  • Topographic Survey - A survey of an area which has for its major purposes and determination of the configuration of the surface of the ground (using elevation contours) and the location of the natural and artificial objects.
  • Site Planning and Design Survey - A combination of boundary and topographic surveys with the resulting information being used for designing development features such as roads, subdivisions, utilities, buildings, etc.
  • Construction Survey - The survey measurements made while construction is in process to control elevation, horizontal position and dimensions, and to determine adequacy of completion.
  • Mortgage Inspection Report - A report made for the sole use of a lending institution to evaluate title problems relating to possession. The Mortgage Inspection Report shows the relationship of the improvements to the approximate property lines and filed easements or rights of way. Survey makers are not usually set with this type of survey.
  • Elevation Survey - A survey of a property, building or residence and its relation to a flood plain. Elevation surveys are used by lending agencies and insurance companies to determine the need for flood insurance or if a site is suitable for a new structure.
  • Subdivision Survey - A type of land survey in which the legal boundaries of an area are located and the area is divided into parcels of lots, streets, rights-of-way and other accessories. All necessary corners or dividing lines are marked or monumented.

Andy Fritz, PLS, has over 15 years Land Surveying and Construction Management experience both in Colorado and Oklahoma. Born and raised In Muskogee and a member of the Cherokee Nation, he knows the area and obstacles that may arise while on site. His attention to detail and meeting the demands of the clients has earned him a reputation of excellence. Member of the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors.

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